Gentle hands-on healing touch
for relaxation, well-being and energy
balancing of body, mind, and spirit.


A form of Qigong, often called meditation in
motion; originally a martial art now practiced
primarily for health benefits; movements embody
dynamic relationship of yin-yang.


Energy cultivation through gentle exercises
that incorporate deep breathing, focused intention,
and mindful postures to facilitate the flow of Qi.

Native American Flute

The voice of the Native American Flute
imparts a melodic, haunting sound that
speaks to the soul and spirit.

A Path of Peace and Mindful Living


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Native American Flute

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Individual and group classes in Reiki, Qigong, Taiji, and Native American Flute offered in Sugar Hill and
Franconia,  New Hampshire. Classes are also available in other locations. Reiki treatments are always
available by appointment. Contact us today to learn more.

Path of Harmony, located in Sugar Hill, NH , provides the following services for body, mind and spirit: Reiki classes, clinics, outreach programs, Reiki Master Apprentice program, private treatments; Taiji and Qigong classes and workshops; Qigong Wellness Treatments; Native America Flute instruction; wellness advisory.

Path of Harmony is dedicated to providing holistic options for harmony, health and healing that can empower each person to achieve a richer, more joyful, and healthier quality of life. The ancient arts of Reiki, Qigong, Taiji, and Native American Flute are offered as modalities for self-enrichment, clarity, inner peace, and health enhancement.